Do I have the wrong Collet and my Z-Axis is cutting to deep

I broke my first bit, a 2Flute 1/16 Fishtail, and we were almost unable to get the Collet out of the router. It appears that the collet that was shipped to me, it was an add on for my x-carve order, is for ER11-A spindles instead of the DeWalt. Am I correct in this assumption? Secondly, my Z-Axis is cutting at least .08" too deep, probably more. It did not even start doing the tabs before it cut through everything. I have an ACME screw and I chose that in my machine set up.

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This is what the precision collet for the Dewalt 611 looks like.

Then why does it look completely different on their site and on the box?

Why does the diagram look different from what I have?


Good question. I’m gonna send this to the person that sourced this at Inventables from Precise Bits to investigate further.

Thank you for your help.

@Rcannon95 I confirmed with our product curation team who confirmed with the vendor their picture is wrong. To quote them:

“We use a picture of the Porter Cable 0429 collet kit for all of the collet types. Just too lazy to take a separate picture for the host of kits that we make.”

In reference to the picture I posted above:

“The collet pictured that we included is indeed for a Dewalt 611 router.”

Please note you need to use the new collet nut you can’t use the collet nut that comes with the 611.

Thank you very much. Have you encountered issues with the collet where the only way people have been able to remove this with WD-40 and leveraging it with a screwdriver. We have tried choking the bit different amounts into the collet, but to no avail.

No not personally. Email / call precise bits and see what they say. I’d call but I think it might be better if you connect with them directly since you’ll probably have a back and forth and there is no value in me being in the middle.

I’m curious to here what they say…

@Rcannon95 @Zach_Kaplan
I also have this collet as an add on and it is the same as what you got without all the fancy stuff. I HATE to have to switch back and forth just due to how snug the collet fits into the 611. When I am done using it and have to switch back I find that the I have to use the wrench to pry a little bit with slight downward angled (if that makes sense) force.

The first time I did this I thought I broke it, lol. After a few more times having to do it, you learn just the right amount of force to have it gently fall into your hand without moving the machine or having to reset the zero.

To those getting your collet stuck. The issue would appear to be that you are not snapping the collet into the nut first. Our nuts have an eccentric ring that snaps into the groove in the collets. This then pulls the collet out of the router as it is unscrewed. For more information see here (Link).

If there is anything I can help with please let me know.

John Torrez
Think & Tinker / PreciseBits