Do I need a laser to cut out wood letters?

Furniture building is my thing. CNC is a whole unchartered territory for me. I would like a machine that can cut my wood letters for me instead of using a scroll saw.

So–here’s my dumb question. I’m looking at the XCarves and I see that many owners have installed a jtech laser. Do I need the laser upgrade to cut wood letters, in let’s say 1/4" wood or can one of xCarves bits do the trick?

The simple answer is yes and it can do a whole lot more. I really miss read your question. The laser is not necessary. The x carve is my yes. It will do just fine cutting the letters. I have cut both small letters as well as big letters to use as wall art. The x carve is a marvelous tool that can help you in making furniture

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No, the JTech will not cut 1/4” wood. It’s not powerful enough.

The Xcarve is plenty accurate to do 1/4” wood lettters.

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Thank you for your help. That’s great news! Here I am already reading the instructions on how to install a laser, lol.

Thank you. This just shaved hundreds off of my setup costs :smile:

Keep in mind that the Xcarve is a rotary cutter. So for cutouts inside corners will not be sharp. Can be made acceptable with extra small bit.

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Yes, sir. I am fully aware. Let the fun begin.


Thank you for the info and tip :slight_smile: