Do I need the EStop?

Seems I got a faulty estop. I can get power to everything but as soon as the estop is connected it dies. Yes I have disengaged the estop and I have checked currents. Just can’t seem to get power through the estop. Can I bypass it and just attach the 2 wires together and go on with my day or will that screw something else up?

Thanks, Lisa

The E-stop only disconnect the power so bypassing it will not harm anything (provided the connection is correct)

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Thanks guys, I knew I could get a faster answer on here than from support. At least I’ll still be able to work till a new estop shows up.


Thank you, I’ll check it out!!!

Why would you want to operate any piece of machinery without a fail-stop? I would recommend hanging tight until you can get a new one installed.

I work in manufacturing and have seen e-stops literally save lives (and destruction of machines), disabling or removing them just seems crazy to me!!!

I have an older version of X-carve so the estop is a new thing for me when it came with the upgrade. I haven’t had one or used one for the past few years I have been using my machine. Most of my machines are older and were created before estops. Neither my scroll saw or band saw has one. I will install one when the new part comes in but till then I’m pretty much dead in the water for orders and would like to get some work done and trying to find a workaround.