Do i need to purchase a new uno board?

I will be adding the j tech 3.8 watt laser to my x carve and after some reading i have been wandering will i have to buy a new uno.

*****Our version of firmware requires that it be used on an OFFICIAL ARDUINO UNO board. The boards shipped by Inventables are not compliant with the Arduino and thus will not work correctly. We will be selling Arduino UNO boards on our site that are already preloaded and tested with a working version of our firmware. Or, just make sure you buy an OFFICIAL version on the board and not a counterfeit board. We got our X Carve and were surprised to see that our firmware does not work on the boards shipped with the system. Buying a new official board fixed the problem.

I read that 2 and was confused. The link they have for the board says it’s no longer used.

yeah i am pretty lost at the moment

I have been just starting to use the Jtech 2.8 laser with the Xcontroller which does not use a genuine Arduino it uses an inventables arduino design and it’s working fine so far

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Either way i will still purchase a new uno. I would like to have a spare anyhow.

Knock offs use 3 different chips I believe for the I/O and some work and some don’t

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There are two different makers of the Official Arduino UNO. & We purchased an Arduino UNO from inventables and it was a Genuine Official one and it works flawlessly with the J-Tech LaserMode grbl firmware. It’s from It’s the one that I have been using with my 6W LD/Flexmod P3 build.

Prior to that we were using the Genuine Official one purchased at Radio Shack from and worked flawlessly with the J-Tech LaserMode grbl firmware also, There has been some confusion why the X-Carve’s UNO works for some, but not others.

All I can suggest is to try the J-Tech LaserMode grbl with your X-Carve first before changing out your UNO.

In grbl 9g it has a setting $14=1 (auto start, bool) where grbl 9i + does not, so make sure this is set to 1 not 0, or nothing will move.


Thank you for the clarification. Because the way it was worded it made it sound like we were getting knock off boards.

Thought the same thing, the way it is worded strongly suggest Inventables is selling counterfeit boards. Could really be reworded.