Do I need to rewire my machine?

So I was carving my mother-in-law’s monogram into a box I made. The parameters were
X-carve 1000 mm
60° v bit
20 ips
.15 depth per pass
I used vcarve pro to generate the gcode and easel to send it to the machine.
I have used these settings successfully a week ago


A little more information please:
What kind of wood is that?
What spindle are you using? Stock, Dewalt or something else?
What are you asking for help with, the ragged cut or is there offset in the cuts (with that font it is really hard to tell what the piece is supposed to look like)?
Just trying to define the problem so we can fix it.

Dewalt spindle
Offset cut
It looks to me like the machine sort of “forgot” where it was at several points during the cut. The box lid is grain matched with the box so my only option at this point is to grab the dremel and go to town cleaning it up. I just want to understand what happened so I can prevent it on the next go around.

Sounds like lost steps. Have you adjusted the pots on the controller board? There is a video on doing this on the forum.
Check the tension of your belts ( another good video on this ) and make sure your pulleys are tight on the stepper shafts especially make sure the set screw is on the flat part of the shaft.
I really doubt that it is a wiring problem.

The belts are good to go, I followed the instructions and watched a couple youtube videos for reference. I did adjust the pots, however I am not exactly confident since I don’t have a multimeter to verify voltages, I guess that’s now on my agenda for tomorrow.

What would be a good starting point for my depth per pass in walnut?

Thanks, as soon as I get a chance, I’ll try those settings!

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