Do the belts still slip on the latest models?

anyone know if i should go ahead and apply the heat shrink method to my belts before installing them,or has this been addressed in the latest upgrades?? the only info i can find on this method is over a year old

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ok, i’ve got some heat shrink but its all pre-cut, i think i might go get a small roll of it so i dont have a bunch of seams

oh really? i guess i hadn’t paid close attention, i thought the entire belt needed it. so im guessing only the ends are where the slipping is occuring

i was thinking they were slipping on the gears. the vids i watched hadn’t really specified

The new machines include the belt clips. If you use those, it won’t slip. I upgraded to those and they don’t slip.

thanks, now that i know where the belts were slipping the clips make sense now. i thought i had heard the slipping issue was addressed in the new models but wasnt sure

I have the new belt clips and used them, but I also used heat shrink tubing as well. No slips guaranteed!