Do you have experience in spindle that doesn't move to target point

Error status

My Carvy have problem in moving to target point. When I start carving, it only spin near the initial point. Do you have experience in that? I already tried to replace 3rd party spindle and it doesn’t help.

Can you open the machine inspector and see what it says when this happens?
What spindle are you using? Link?
Can you share your project or gcode?


I don’t know why but now that problem doesn’t happen again.

The thing I did was use a different power strip. It is presumed that there was a problem with the power.

I changed same spec of the default spindle in my local market.

As your recommend, I try to see the log in machine inspector. Since it could not be reproduced, it was not possible to confirm the part that could be the problem.

FYI my machine setting.


I’d switch back to the other power strip to confirm the issue. Then toss the power strip (not sure what would cause that, though).

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