Do you Log?

I’ve recently started logging my cuts. I include: Project name, date, feed/speeds, wood type, and time to completion. Do you log anything?

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I’ve got a log that I record date/start/stop times, material, bit, and notes about problems (rough finish, etc.). I also write in the log when I do maintenance, so I can look back and see how often I’ve tested and tweaked belts, V-wheels, etc. It’s similar to the style of logs I took for years and years back in the ol’ Navy days.

I’ve got a separate logsheet that I record individual bit/material feeds and speeds on. The columns are Shank Size, Bit Size, # Flutes, Flute Direction, Bottom Style, Material, 611 Setting, Cut Depth, Cut Speed, and Notes. This way I can look back quickly and see that I have already done feed/speed testing on material X with bit Y, and the best setting was P in (or mm) and Q in/min (or mm/min). It’s incredibly useful.


i am still calibrating my machine and haven’t cut anything besides my sharpie holder, which showed me how out of tolerance i was. However i am keeping a fairly detailed log of my results, settings and changes.

i have a thread where i am logging most of this in case something may help someone or anyone could chime in and offer advice.

I log everything I can think of for each project. I use an excel spreadsheet (the computer is right there :wink:) that way I can sort by material, bit, speed, depth of cut and project.