Do you need internet after carve has started?

Once I start the carve through easel do I have to stay connected to the internet to keep the carve going? I’m currently using my hotspot on my phone and don’t want to keep it on if I don’t have to…

Hi Kyle,

Internet is not required to carve at all. You could disconnect at any point after loading your project. Internet is only required to load or save your project. The connection to the machine is over your USB cable and is independent from your internet connection.

So go ahead and turn that hotspot off. Happy carving!

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Awesome! thank you so much.

Thanks Jeff…I didn’t know that either. I guess no need to put an ethernet cable out to my garage .

So apparently I still have USB connection issues! I’ve eliminated the port at x controller panel and went straight to the mini port on the card, I’m running a powered USB port, have separate power supply for everything and the xcarve still will stop in the middle of a carve at times. Very frustrating!