Dock for iPhone 6 (From France)

Hi Guys,

I’m Max i’m a filmmaker living in France, because i’m French ! That’s not the point, i imported an Xcarve from the US but with longer rails (from the UK cheaper than USPS for 1m rails) and i’m quite happy with the machine.

I did some project but nothing major a part from this one.
I awlays wanted a dock that i can screw on my desk or nightstand so i can get my phone in and out quickly and easly. So i took some MDF and made a very very ugly prototype.
My poor design was working so i made it better and used a different wood (btw, if you know what it is let me know).

I made a short video if you want to see the result,

I’m sorry because it’s in French but there’s subtitles and i know you love hearing this beautyfull langage.

Let me know what you think about this.


Omelette du fromage ! baguette !

nan je déconne !! =D
superbe vidéo, ça fait plaisir de rencontrer quelques personnes qui parlent la langue de molière ^^
j’adore la façon dont tu a filmé et fait les effet de ta video !

a tout bientot !

Merci Raphael ça me fait super plaisir de lire ça.
Je suis content que le film t’ai plu, je me lance plus sérieusement dans youtube cette année donc c’est très encourageant, merci.
Je ne peux que te dire camembert !

Sorry, english speakers, looks like there’s more than one frenchy in here. :smiley:

Nicely shot and edited video!

I have a couple of suggestions for your finishing work on the project.

If you use some glue and clamps to hold the pieces together before painting, it will become one solid piece. You can then sand it and paint it. Or if you use plywood you can show off all the wood layers as a design element.