Does anyone have a 3d printer?

Hello all I’m in the middle of a major upgrade and the next step is to change out my Dewalt 611 with a .8KW water cooled spindle. I have a open builds mount but I need a 71mm to 65mm adapter to make it work. There are a couple of adapters guys have designed on Openbuilds but I do not have a 3d printer. Is there anyone here willing to print one of these off for me? I can provide the STL file for the adapter. I would be willing to pay fair market price and shipping.


FWIW, I think you’d be much happier with a 65mm mount — this is a standard dimension for spindles, and mounts of various designs are affordably available on eBay — just drill and tap holes.

I could, but I’m not and you know why,lol

I’ve had good luck with 3dhubs

I actually made one just recently. Its for a .8kw spindle that is 65mm diameter.

I can make one for you.
What plate are you going to run.
I can make it have the holes anywhere you want them.
The one in the picture was made in Fusion.
and printed on my 3d Printer.
I used the small plate for mounting it.

Thanks for the offer Stephen. I pulled off my Dewalt last night and just held the new spindle up to my Z axis setup and came to the conclusion that my current setup isn’t going to cut it. I already have the Openbuilds 250mm linear c rail for my Z Axis, so last night I ordered the extra large plate for it and I’m going to add 2 more wheels for a total of 6. I also picked up a 65mm mount off EBay to mount the spindle on. Last night was the first time I had the 611 and this new spindle side by side and holy cow there is a weight difference, I haven’t pulled out a scale but it’s at least more than double. So much so now I’m concerned that my stock 140oz motor won’t be able to move it. Did you have to go to the 269oz nema 23 motor to lift your new spindle?

I use stock motor for mine and it works fine.
I have no grinding or other issues that show it cannot run.
I also have a spindle mount that I made that matches the larger plate.
Using this plate:

I made this:

And I am not using it as its too large for my setup. I do not plan on getting any linear axis soon so its not used.