Does anyone have an idea why my Z-Axis is raising high enough?

Here is a video showing what I’m referring to (sorry for the potato quality):

Basically, the router is very slightly raising (should be higher) and zipping over to the next spot very quickly. Its not the safety height because that is very pronounced.

Any idea whats going on?

For reference, I have a z-axis slider from CNC4newbies. I have run the machine with the slider and this was not a problem.

Thanks in advance

What software are you using for, CAM, sender?

Post the first 20 lines of the G-code file here.

Easel for everything

I don’t use Easel, someone else will have to help out. Sorry.

Where on your design is that video occurring?
If you jog your Z up and down does it move the correct distance?

Larry, here is what it has assuming it didn’t change any values because I opened the project in the sandbox. Doesn’t look out of the ordinary to me.

Neil, what is your safety height set at? According to this it is only 0.2" which seems like that’s what it could be moving up in the video between cuts but hard to tell.

G1 Z0.20000 F9.0
G0 X6.19073 Y3.11609
G1 Z-0.05000 F12.0
G1 X6.11826 Y3.08319 F40.0
G1 X6.25464 Y3.08145 F40.0
G1 X6.19073 Y3.11609 F40.0
G1 X6.38342 Y3.03952 F40.0
G1 X6.46237 Y3.04510 F40.0
G1 X6.35867 Y3.08191 F40.0
G1 X6.19272 Y3.17191 F40.0
G1 X6.07147 Y3.11688 F40.0
G1 X6.04044 Y3.10828 F40.0
G1 X5.48145 Y3.03467 F40.0

Nothing really strange there.

The title is a little confusing to me. Not sure what he’s asking. If the Z axis is raising high enough then what is the problem?

My first guess is always this:

But, without knowing where to start looking, I’m not digging through all of the gcode.

There are retracts to the 0.2" safety height, but what we’re seeing in the video is not that. I suspect it’s not mechanical because you’re moving down back to the correct depth (appears that way). it could be an issue with steps per mm, but it sounds like the new Z has been previously used successfully?