Does anyone know if there is a way to lock the pattern?

Is there a way to make a project unable to be edited? Once I have my project the way I want it I want to be sure that it can’t be accidently changed.

Did you try highlighting everything and combining?

Yes, but when I do everything I have at different depths all goes to one depth. What am I doing wrong?

If you have differnet depths not sure you can do that. Did you try making seperaye files for each depth?

the final result can still be altered that way. I’m trying to get one file that will be consistent and fool proof.
I’m planning to have more than one person working on the project so any slight changes can be compounded.
who knows, I may be reading to much into this. Thanks for your advise

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Just a thought but what about making the file read-only in your OS. Then the file cannot be modified unless you go back and make it read/write.

There used to be an option to Pin a shape and when Pinned it locked the position and size unless you clicked on the pin to un-pin.
That option seems to have went away.

Just found it. Go to machine- Advanced settings

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Nice. I could remember seeing it and have used it i was looking for it just could not find it.I was thinking it used to look like a push pin.

It does look like a pin. unpinned image below.
Pinned image below. It is highlighted.


Thanks Mr. Bachman. that works just fine.