Does anyone know if you can use easel on non inventables machines?

Just wanted to know if anyone has tried easel on other machines. I have a bobs cnc machine and it uses grbl.

Will do thanks

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Yes you can but you have to flash Xcarve firmware in it.And for that you have to have ICSP programer and original xcarve arduino. Its not worth the afford.Just export g-code and use it like that :D.

Did you ever get it to work? I exported the gcode but the x and y were reversed. I tried tweaking some of the settings on easel but ended up having to reflash my Arduino with the original Bob file.

Just from a brief look at the BobsCNC website, you should be able to make that machine look like an X-carve.

It would depend on your electronics knowledge and a bit of re-wiring the stepper motor wires.

I tried it today and got it to work. I’m used to thinking that x should be at the bottom of the board if you are facing it, but it is set up so that x is on the left side. Just have to rethink how I’m looking at the machine.