Does anyone see a problem here?

So i am a certified diesel mechanic by trade and so I have always done my own work

but with me trying to focus on the business I have been thinking about talking my new car somewhere to get a oil change

(and probably stopping them 5 minutes in and saying thanks okay I can do it lol ) but anyways the pic above is showing what I can buy the parts for and what you can get one done for at wally world

its cheaper to go to wally world!!

:frowning: makes me sad to see that personally I have always had a dream of teaching my son or daughter to do the oil change on the ol truck you know (ehh I better get one of those kid types LADIES?) anywho but with these prices lets just go drop the car off and then go sit and demolish a damn pretzel until they say its done kinda crappy if you ask me

Scenario #1
With wally world, though cheap, so is the oil they use. As is the filter. I have known folks coming out of there
with the filter not tightened down or an oil film not being applied to the filtergasket before installation and the thing leaks. Drain plugs not tightened down or stripped out. and even one that they did everything right, but forgot to PUT FRESH OIL IN and backed the car out of the shop. Wally ended up buying a salvaged motor they wouldnt pony up for a new one.

Scenario #2
You open your wallet wipe away the cobwebs and get the goods you need to do the job yourself.
Gather the youngin’s around and provide cookies. You do the job right and know that this is a fact and you have no worries as well as having some positive bonding time with your progeny.

Merry Christmas!

all true yeah good points

I like the bonding experience thing if I currently had kids but I dont right now and I have bonded enough with myself for 2 lifetimes

and yeah oh I know the horror stories all to well I have see all of them first hand lol

but I was just looking at the package prices and they have synthetic blend and full synthetic packages so I don’t think the oil quality will be an issue but the other things might

I will just have to look over everything really close

I also bought 1 heck of a warranty with this car if anything goes wrong I pay like 300.00 bucks and they fix no questions asked not saying I want to use that but its there if I need to use it

I’d certainly be concerned about the oil used at that price. I do my own oil changes on my diesel and the oil alone is about $200. I think my local Mercedes dealer charges around $200 on top of that to do the job.

Well yeah but a diesel we are talking 10+ quarts

Sorry yeah my new car is gas 5 and we are done

I used to use full racing synthetic in all my trucks when i owned my diesel performance company I could not get out of a oil change weekend for less than 1800 bucks lol and if we needed to do a tranny service you can pretty much just forget about it lol 30 quarts in some cases lol