Does Easel depend on Java? Possible memory issues

I have a question regarding Easel Local. I was going to try and run my project using Universal Gcode Sender rather than Easel and found out that I only had a 32bit version of Java which limited my memory usage to only 2GB. I updated Java to the 64Bit and I was able to allocate more memory (4GB+). If Easel local is dependent on Java, is it possible that it was running into a memory problem. My projects gcode is about 11.5 MB.

My underlying problem:
Once again my machine got lost about 3 hours into the project (4th time attempting the project with Easel). I have no idea what is going on. I put a fan on my G-shield and measured the temps with an IR camera and the temperatures never got above 130°F. I checked the datasheet on the drivers and the the T_shutdown is about 350°F - so I’m way below it. I updated the firmware as you suggested and also updated Easel local. I’m using Easel through Chrome (Version 51.0.2704.103 m) on Windows 10 Pro Version 1511. The error seems to occur a few hours into a project at a random command, so it’s different every time, generally its a deeper Z position than its supposed to coupled with a random x-y vector - it just rips a huge gouge though my project requiring me to hit the E-stop. My pots on my G-shield are a little less than halfway up. I’m using the Mean Well 24V power supply that is provided in my original Shapeoko 2 kit. I think I may switch back to universal g-code sender as the only reason for this error I can deduce is an Easel software issue, (internet problem maybe? Though I would assume the program it would continue in spite of an internet connection.) This is highly frustrating as I’ve gone through countless blanks an the machining time for my project is about 10 hours long.

do you have all power saving features turned off?

Yup. Power saving off. The computer never shuts down. I asked tech support, and he (Griffin) suggested that my power supply may be shutting down. I bit the bullet and shelled out for the X-controller. So I’ll try again in a couple of months, whenever it arrives.

From Inventables:
“Hi Kurtis, thanks for sending this along. I’ve replied to some of the other error reports that you’ve sent in, but it seems likely that you’re having an issue with your power supply if its one of the older brick style ones that came with the shapeoko. The chips seem to be within temp limits, but the power supply itself may just not be able to keep up (if it’s the 90W one that I’m thinking of). As far as the ACME screw, it’s not unheard of to have that sort of wobble, though generally as long as it’s within 1/10” or so it should be fine. If it’s outside that spec we can have a new one sent along. Out of curiosity how did you get the X-Ray image from the boards? Best, -Griffin."

Each time I started it was a fresh boot, Easel within chrome was the only application running in the foreground. One of my attempts I did have Fusion360 open.