Does Easel log job success/failure status?

I try to make a point when stopping/finishing a job to click the the correct button: Yes, everything looks great" or “No, something went wrong, select what went wrong”.

I don’t really need to see the reason something went wrong as most times it is something I can resolve, but I do this cause I hoped Inventables logged these somehow so they could have record of success/failure rates as well as the most common failures.

(I work in tech so this is where my mind goes).

If this isn’t logged or anything, I’ll just go back to closing this completion screen or selecting that yes, everything went great.

If something legit goes wrong, I’ll click “no” to add it to the stats. If it is something I messed up and stopped, I’ll hit “yes”.

That I do not know. I would have them if I put that in.