Does Easel require the Inventables fork of GRBL?

Does Easel require the Inventables fork of GRBL, or will it run fine with grbl/grbl right off of github?

You don’t need our fork, any compatible version of Grbl will work

This includes 0.8c (please don’t use this version), 0.9g, 0.9i, 0.9j, 1.0b and 1.0c

OK thanks.

Make sure you configure GRBL properly for your machine.

You can do that by visiting

There is a bigger context to this question. I was looking at the JR Photonics site to consider a laser for my X-Carve and noticed they have a binary firmware download for their required firmware for the X-Carve controller, but no obvious source download. I was afraid they were trying to close source their mods which would be a GPL violation and remove them from my consideration. The response I actually got was that they were having trouble figuring out how to get their mods set up on github, so I offered to help (though I have no current association with JR Photonics, not even a customer). I’m a git user for my day job, but not a github user.

I’m trying to figure out how they can create a fork of grbl/grbl and also track the inventables/grbl branches so they can make their mods easily available universally, but so far haven’t figured out how to do this.

You don’t have to use the J Tech Photonics version of GRBL, only if you want to engrave pictures. I use the J Tech post processor for VCarve to engrave text and geometric shapes with nice results.

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I haven’t done a complete compare, but it looks like the only difference in the Inventables fork for grbl and the main fork for grbl is the settings for the default parameters (the values displayed by the $$ command) that are used for the X-carve. These settings are also used by the $RST command.

The same cannot be said for the Carvey. They have made code changes for the Carvey firmware.

That’s what I thought. I think the right thing for J Tech to do is to fork grbl/grbl and set up tracking branches for the Inventables branches, but not sure how to do that.