Does Easel work with 3d sculpted art?

Hi new here so not sure if this has been asked before. I do a lot of 3D design work in ZBrush and can export to STL. Will Easel handle 3d carving or do I need to use another program like Mach 3?

Easel is 2.5d, can’t do 3d. You can do tricks (like stacking a lot of shapes with incremental heights) but that’s about it.
you can save Gcode so can be open in Easel.

The 3D file types supported in Cut3D are

STL - STL Mesh files - binary & ascii
3DS - 3D Studio - binary & ascii
OBJ - Wavefront
SBP- ShopBot Digital Probe files
TXT - MaxNC Digital Probe
X - DirectX
LWO - LightWave
V3M - Vector Art 3D files

That is a beautiful carving. What software did you use? I want to create some flowing kind of organic shapes such as fabric in the wind. Any suggestions?

Zbrush. Cloth folds no prob. Let me know what you need, i can shoot you over a test stl to try out.