Does gcode sender raise bit before carve?


Am giving UGCS a try since Easel is down. Have done a dry run at height above piece but don’t seem to get the sense that the bit is raised to a safe height at the beginning of the carve.

I have searched but not been able to find anything definitive.

Assistance appreciated.


Ok, will give it a shot.


I had a similar question. Do I zero the bit, then just raise it, turn on the spindle, and run the file? Will UGS then just go correctly to the first cut, taking into account that it was moved after zeroing?

@MikeByrne, I just finished and it ran ok.

Jogged the bit to start pos.
Reset Zero
Jogged the bit .2 inches up on the Z
Send file.

The only thing that I have an issue with so far is the Cancel command. The Pause runs fine - immediately. Cancel on the other hand, takes a while to stop the machine.

Even if I turn off the electronics, wait a while and turn back on commands still seem to be being send and actioned.

Is there anyway to make Cancel more immediate?



Thank you, and wow, your reply was faster than a speeding bullet. I’m still using the original spindle, with the on/off on manual as I made a mess of the header board soldering on the original controller. I will hopefully change to a Dewalt soon, I bought the router over a year ago but as my X-Carve is in the dining room I’m a bit concerned about even more dust. (Actually, the wife is more than me.)
I’m already wary of the start/finish jumps, after milling the side of my finger on my first run.

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My advice - change to the Dewalt asap - it is chalk and cheese.

I too have my machine in the house but I did not worry so much about the dust but the noise. The Dewalt is quieter and cuts so much smoother than the original spindle - it is unbelievable.

You will kick yourself for not doing it sooner.

As for the dust, invest in the Suckit Dust Boot. I used to sit by the machine tending it like a baby with the vacuum. I then attempted to make my own boot which worked ok, but was too big and unwieldy. Bought the Suckit - installation is 15 minutes and makes the world of difference.


When I use UGS I add code to the beginning to avoid any issues.
I know there is a way to get it to do things automatically but I have not figured that out yet.

Might be able to store it under a Macro.

Will give it a shot.