Does not carve via MacBook Air USB-C, Adapter

I recently started using a MacBook Air that only has USB-C ports and I have a USB adapter that provides two standard USB ports.

A few examples of what’s going on are…

  • Raise the bit does not raise the bit
  • Raise the bit works, but when I click Carve, nothing happens with the machine, though Easel displays that it’s operating without updating the progress meter
  • Moving the bit within the Carve setup window works, raise the bit works, again nothing happens when I try to carve.

The only change in my setup is the laptop and USB adapter so my guess is that. But then it’s likely the adapter more than the laptop. Are there even USB-C to Type-B cable?

I found a few with a quick search on Amazon.


Brandon Parker

I am experiencing similar issues with my MacBook Pro. I am close to going to buying an inexpensive Windows Laptop specific for CNC work, or just as well look for a USB-C to Type-B cable. Did you get the cable? Did that resolve your issue?

USB B to USB C Printer Cable 6.6 FT, CableCreation USB C to USB B Printer Cable for MacBook Pro, Air, USB C MIDI Cable for Yamaha Casio Digital Piano MIDI Controller DJ Controller, 2M Black

This cord did the trick for me.

Hi all, I use my MB Air all the time for this including an old 2011 air. USB-C adapter on the end not the manifold style with multi-ports. I have the apple version and an amazon version. Did you make sure you downloaded the driver for mac from easel?



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