Does the current version of PicSender have macros?

I’m thinking of giving PicSender a try so I downloaded the demo version to try it out. Unless I’m missing something, does PicSender still not have macro/snipet support? Nothing in the PDF tutorial either. I have come to rely on my macros in UGS pretty heavily and I really don’t want to be reduced to running individual G-Code files.

grbl does not support macro programming, therefor PicSender does not support macros. UGS just allows the user to type in or paste a gcode snippet and executes it by selecting a button. All I can suggest you do is, save the gcode command snippets in a text file and load and run when needed. Or, stick with using UGS.

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It does do probing without the use of macros.


That’s exactly where I’m at. I have macros for tool changes, workpiece changes, a pre-home/shut down I go to before shutting down to reduce homing time etc. All said and done they reduce jogging/manual manipulation and therefore make life faster and easier for the manual inputs.

Thank you for continuing to use UGS.

I think (my opinion) that it is inferred that regardless of what PicSender is capable of doing, Phil would not use (pay?) for a gcode sending program.

The PicEngrave team does a great job of supporting their products and the people who use them. I am sure that the other inference is to the support that is given to UGS and it’s users.

Just saying…

Unfortunately it is tough to relay intent in a worded forum. I am sure if you had said “If PicSender had macros, I would snatch it up in a moment!” it would have had a different response.