Does the GRBL shield/firmware have auto-level pin enabled?

I.e. Can I just add the wiring and do auto-level through say Chilipeppr?

I ask as I’m having accuracy problems for engraving and cutting thin metal sheets. With 0.3mm copper sheet for instance, at 0,0 it can cut all the way through but at 150,150 it’s just barely cutting the surface.

I’ve measured the whole machine and my worst error is 28/1000ths of an inch at 150,150. So usual thing would be to skim the spoil board or an additional spoil board above. But that doesn’t take any material thickness differences into account.

So auto-level via Chilipeppr but don’t want to change the shield/Arduino firmware as wife is happy in Easel.

Or maybe auto-level is coming to Easel?



I’ve used the touch plate functionality in Chilipeppr with my X-Carve/grbl setup. I believe that the auto-level relies on the same probe g-code command, so I think that it would work. Should be a pretty easy thing to test, I think it took me maybe 15 minutes to set up what I needed for the touch plate to work.


Perfect. I’ll give it a try myself.

Thank you Peter :smile: