Does the precision collet nut use standard ER-16 collets?

Can I use standard ER-16 collets with the Precision Collet Nut? Or will it only work with the other Think & Tinker collets sold by themselves and (presumably) Inventables? I’d like to use a COTS 4mm ER-16 collet which neight of them sell (for instance, in this set). Anyone tried the cheat collet sets in the precision collet nut?

(Note: I asked about this already on the product page, but without response. So I figured I’d ask the community.)

Ah, so it’s the new universal standard? Do you happen to have a source for this information (assuming it’s not direct experience)?

Where can you get collets that would fit the nut from Precise Bits? They only have a few sizes, and i need a good deal more than that for the various bits i have.

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i have also the same problem… no collets for 1mm, 2mm,3mm drill bits for my dewalt d26200…from Robosavy… England. no too many options in precise bits. in metric…