Does VCarve Pro or Aspire have more efficient tool-paths?

Hi All,

I am looking at purchasing Vetric software and I am wondering if VCarve or Aspire are more efficient with their tool-paths compared to Easel?

I searched for an older post (with no luck finding) which stated that the machine time was significantly less when creating tool-paths in Vetric and caving via Easel.

Is this correct?


The tool paths that Vcarve generates are very efficient. The work that Inventables is doing has really improved the performance of Easels tool paths. But Vcarve still offers lot of options that will allow you to optimize tool paths for each project. These optimizations can offer significant time and quality improvements over the Easel tool paths.

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What Allen said.

Great to hear. Thank you for the info.


I use V-carve desktop and it does very well for what you can do.
Easel is new free and does not do 3d or other advanced type features as V-Care does.

I plan on going pro as soon as I have the cash. I want to be able to do larger items without doing it in sections.

I’m right on the cusp of making the decision to buy vCarve Desktop. I can tell you from what little experience I’ve seen in Easel, the toolpaths are extraordinarily NON-efficient.