Does X-Carve ever go on sale?

Hey guy’s I’m the type of guy that is always buying stuff only when it goes on sale! And with the Canadian Dollar being the way it is,and shipping prices every savings count! Wondering if you guys have ever seen it go on sale and for how much off? I am in no big hurry to purchase one but I would love to have one! If it does go on sale here and there, any chance you could guess on the next sale date? I see there is a back to school sale on the carvey, save 500$, I wish the xcarve had the same sale!

Last year there was a Black Friday sale don’t remember amount of discount.

You can order the old model here for 1202 limited amount available

The machine is on sale currently Lol but it’s the model everyone currently has, and the new one coming out Is a great great price with a much better controller!