Does X-Carve work with CAD/CAM

I was wondering if X-Carve works with other CAD/CAM programs like Fusion 360 or SolidWorks?

Yes, it does.
You’ll just need an appropriate post processor, of which there are many.

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CNC is a three stage process:
1 - CAD (Design)
2 - CAM (Generating tool path via an appropriate Post Processor (PP))
3 - Transmit nc-file to controller for machine execution (Send gcode)

Fusion/SW is 1 & 2 and matched with a Post Processor (PP) designed for say the Xcarve the generated nc-file is Xcarve compatible. The PP is added to the F360 (or other software) CAM-enviroment.

Gcode-file is not a single standard language, it has many variations and machine specific rules and limitations. Hence the need to PP’s to properly bridge CAM with machine.

The F360 PP for instance is found in Easel - Help - Downloads

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