Doesnt go back to its original spot after its done carving

Good day,

I am having issues with my xcarve not wanting to go back to its original spot after its done carving. I would have to cut into my board just to know exactly where to place the next bit. Can someone please help me out with this? I’ve tried searching about this issue and have not found anything. Thank you!!

If it is not going back to zero when done you are loosing steps somewhere. Check yor belts or maybe you are pushing the machine to hard with the material you are cutting.

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I will double check. Thank you. It would be the X,Y belts correct?

Could also be the z axes if you loose steps in any axes it will throw everything off.

Okay I will double check all belts. How tight is it supposed to be? Mine seem a bit loose. Not a lot but I can pull it up and put my fingers under it

I think they say you should be able to raise it about 1" in the middle of the rail.

The recommendation I’ve always followed is as follows:

  1. Move/push the gantry and carriage all the way to one end of the machine, so that you have maximum lengths of “exposed”, uninterrupted X and Y belts.

  2. Using a fish or luggage scale, pull up on the middle of a belt to 1" of deflection. The scale should measure about 4 lbs, plus or minus 0.5 lbs.

Going back to addressing your main issue… Be sure to inspect all of your belts thoroughly. It’s been a few years since I put my machine together, but at the time, Inventables was having a problem with the belts they were supplying in that they were frequently ending up with mauled teeth and even breakage.