Doggie Pointilism

Hi All,
this is my latest attempt at a pointillism technique called Voronoi Stippling.

(The subjects do not seem to be impressed…)

To generate the stipples, I used StippleGen from Evil Mad Scientist Labs. Basically, you feed the software an image and it generates a set of dots which can be saved in .svg format. The original image is below.

After a bit of clean up in Inkscape, I wrote some code to convert the .svg format dots into Gcode, with the size of the dot mapping to depth of plunge for a v-bit. The text and corner decorations were done in CamBam. One nice feature of StippleGen is that it works out the optimum path to go from dot to dot, so that CNC time is minimized by default.

Finishing was a couple of coats of Danish Oil, with some light stain brushed into the dots and text to add contrast. If this was a bigger piece, with deeper dots, I would look at spraying on some sealer followed by paint and then sanding back to the surface leaving the paint in the dots and text.


I hate to say it but heir expressions on the photo of them with the finished piece are better than the ones for the price itself. But as a project that is awesome. This would probably work super well with the 2-color materials…

Nice job i like it.

Yeah, trying to photograph those two is a real hit or miss affair. Of course they will save their best poses for after the carving is done :sweat_smile:.

Two colour materials would work best if the top colour was just a thin layer.


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Very clever and well done on working through how to do it.

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The top layer on the hdpe is .05” thick…