Doll house pattern

Hi I operate a Makerspace and am wanting to host a daddy daughter doll workshop using the xcarve. I want to build one with my daughter first, can anyone recommend any projects or plans we can start from? Thanks

Isn’t google amazing!

please check before you post dead links…
Sorry, this product is not currently available.

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Ok I didn’t post that link.

Just checked the ones in my post and all of them work.
I usually double check too.

You’re right. I apologize for being un-precise in my description.

You linked to, which contains the link to, which is the dead link…

@StephenCook - sorry for coming across directly. I didn’t intend for it to be harsh, or call you out in public on a simple and likely honest mistake. Thanks for all your contributions on the forum. Cheers.

Well I am offended cause your not offended…

Thanks for the heads up.
I know I could have posted a dead link and probably have at one time or another.
At least you know I am not a robot. :smiley:
We need a dead fish icon for dead links. hehe