[done] Keyboard Shortcuts for Send Backward/Bring Forward

This would make manipulating shapes a lot easier. Maybe Pg Dn/Pg Up?

They already exist! It is Ctrl + [ for send backward and Ctrl + ] for bring forward.

On mac it is Command instead of Control.


“Send backward”
“Send to back”
“Bring forward”
“Bring to front”

Unfortunately, I only get to play with Easel and my X-Carve machines for 3-6 weeks each semester and, frankly, I am getting old and forgetful which makes the software difficult to teach to my 11-14 year old students.Can someone direct me to a cogent explanation of how these commands work? What exactly do they DO?

For example, if I am trying to cut a deep pocket, and I want to leave a shallower relief area in the middle of that pocket, and then maybe carve something into the shallower area, how would I use these commands.

I seem to be able to get this right by accident about half the time, but I would really like an explanation of the commands so I can explain it more clearly to the kids.

It would be most helpful for beginners if someone would edit the document at https://inventables.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012725194-Easel-Keyboard-Shortcuts and add a description of how these command work. Then kids could look it up for themselves.

Each of the objects in your Easel project (shapes, text, etc.) is basically on its own “layer”. The ordering of these layers, from “front” to “back” essentially determines its priority for carving. Objects in “front” will appear to be “on top of” objects in “back” in the Easel design environment, and objects in “front” will take priority over objects in “back”.

For example, let’s say you have two 1" x 1" squares, one set to 0.1" depth and the other set to 0.2" depth, and the squares overlap by 0.5". If the 0.1" depth square is “on top of” the 0.2" depth square, you’ll end up with a 0.1" deep 1" x 1" area next to a 0.2" deep 1" x 0.5" area. If the 0.2" depth square is “on top of” the 0.1" depth square, you’ll end up with a 0.1" deep 1" x 0.5" area next to a 0.2" deep 1" x 1" area.

The commands you listed will effect the selected object(s) accordingly with respect to their “layer order”. “Send backward” and “send forward” move the selected object(s) one layer backward or forward. “Send to back” and “send to front” move the selected object(s) all the way to the very back or very front layer(s).

To carve something like you describe, you’d want three objects. The main large deep pocket would be the very back layer. The shallower middle relief would be the middle layer. The carving in the relief would be the very top layer.

Thank you. You have cleared up my fuzzy thinking. Until yesterday, I had not touched the X-Carves for 5 months and I am disgusted at how much I have forgotten. But it’s all coming back now and my students are all busily designing projects.