Donek drag knife?

Does anyone have experience with the Donek drag knife? Having a few issues and would love to pick your brain if you do…

We don’t have one, but we’ve just been researching the drag knife concept in general. What questions/thoughts do you have? Maybe we’ve come across it in our research.

I’m having issues with it actually cutting and the corner actions working correctly…looking for someone who has used it to see if there is something I’m missing. It almost seems like the XC doesn’t have the power to cut through the material ( corrugated plastic).

How thick is your corrugated plastic? Do you have the D4, which is made for thicker material?

What software are you using?

yup, using the D4. Im using 4mm plastic and VCarve Pro and using the dragknife gadget.

Sorry, I must have missed the notification that you’d replied! How many passes are you telling VCarve to take?

Is it even attempting to move up on the corner actions, or is it failing completely?

Have you seen this video? Starting at 6:30, he sets up a 4mm coroplast carve (using a D2 drag knife)… his software is Aspire, but the drag knife gadget should be similar.

It was doing the corner actions, but in the end its not going to work for me. Switched to a different material.

In other news…anyone want to buy a drag knife?

drag knife - sure - how much?