Donek tools drag knife

Hi there,
did someone have any experience on using donek drag knife (or any drag knife) on an x-carve?
I’m planning to buy one and wonder if works fine and if there is any tips i have to keep in mind when prepare the project in easel.

thanks in advance

Hey Andrea,
With a drag knife (or diamond drag bit for that matter) you’ll want to setup the cut type to either “on path” or “outside path” and not set it to “clear out a pocket” . .

Also you’ll want to set the design depth per the drag knife manufacturers recommended depth per the spring pressure they used in making it. . . if you don’t have this detail you’ll want to do some testing to find the optimal settings.
You’ll also want to set the depth per pass to match the above determined depth setting.

So long as these are set properly, the drag knife will work perfectly fine.

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Hy Seth, sorry for the late reply, thanks a lot for your answer, you are always really helpful.
Have a beautiful day

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