Don't hit the X Karen!

Just a heads up, hitting the X (Cancel) on the HMI causes the controller to appear to reboot. You will lose your starting positions. I have had this happen both times I used the X Cancel option on the HMI.

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I loaded a large Fusion file, started it, and hit cancel on the control box soon after. It sat there for 3 minutes then the spindle did not retract and it traveled toward home and snapped an expensive end mill. I learned not to press that button again!.. sigh…, then tried cancelling a different file from the Easel screen menu by hitting X to stop carve and it behaved properly.

Can one of you catch the log output for what happens when you hit that button? I suspect it’s tied to the abort pin which will simply reset the controller. You probably wanted to do a feedhold with parking (safety door…firmware change?) or a true E-Stop that will cut power.

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I think my issue was too large a file for the web interface, was a 670 hole spoilboard. I can work on this after my current project is finished. Was wondering why the spindle does not pause with the machine when the pause button is pushed?

Check out the thread here.