Don't know how to make a clean carving

I’m not sure what is wrong. I know after the investment made to purchase this product, there should be far more precision from the carving that I am producing. Based on the images, it appears to be a Z axis issue. Almost as if the is some sort of slop in that axis. I have checked everything I can but I haven’t turned up anything obvious. I guess I am not sure where to begin. Is this mechanical? Is it software related? Wrong setup? Wrong bit? Wrong speed on spindle? I have no idea. Help please?

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Edge quality dont seem to be particulary good either, is that wood kinda light/porus?

What are the details on the above?

Ambrosia Maple. So it’s nice and hard. 1/8 straight cut bit. Speed 6 on spindle.

Max RPM is “never” needed, minimum RPM (16k) will be more than sufficient for a 1/8" end mill.
What were your feed/plunge rate and depth per pass?

Do the end mill in question show any sign of change in color?
I cant see any brun marks on the wood which is a good sign.

Since the Xcarve is assembled by you QC is ultimately up to yourself, however what you see is not what you can expect from a good machine, something is off.

What kind of bit deflection do you measure of you pull in either direction with a 5lbs force?
How tight are the belts, can you measure 3-3,5lbs with 1" lift of the belts?
How tight are the V-wheels? Can you turn them with one finger, or do you need a firm grip with two?
A lot of questions, but that is because your symptoms can come from a variety of things, things we have very little information about :slight_smile:

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If you’re using the 1/8 - 2 flute straight bit that Inventables sells then that is one of your problems, the tip of the bit isn’t flat and will make those marks in pocket cuts.


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