Dont waste your money

have a 750 for about 2 years first 8 months work great no problem’s now have nothing but problems cuts to deep, don’t follow the patens, drill bit keep breaking, etc. etc. given up and got a Glowforge

Just remember one thing.
The machine does EXACTLY what you tell it to do.
“Garbage in, garbage out”


Well if you are using drill bits for milling then that might be a problem … :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding around …

Do you have the X-Controller or are you using a G-Shield/Arduino combo?

Have you checked that your feeds/speeds are correct?

Have you run through the setup process to make sure all of your machine settings are correct?

If you have done all of this and still think the 750 is a waste of money, feel free to ship it to my house. My 750 would love a brother/sister machine!! :smiley:

I am sure we can help you through whatever the issue might be though …


Brandon Parker


Sorry to hear you’re having issues. We are also here to help directly if you reach out to our support line/email (

We love the Glowforge too (I’ve got one in my shop) but there are just some things my X-Carve can do the Glowforge can’t!

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