Door shut sensor

Hey, does anyone know where the sensor which tells when the door is shut on the Carvey is?
And what kind of sensor it is?
I could not see anything that looked like a contact switch anywhere without opening up the box.

The sensor is called " interlock switch"
Its usually located near one of the corners.
I do not use a carvey so I can’t tell you where to look.
Just have to follow the wires.

Yeah, I searched the corners and hinges, but couldn’t find it…

See if there is a magnet by passing a metal washer or other magnetic material.
Maybe thats how they are triggering it.
If not look for small holes that could have a light sensor there.

it’s on the same side as the blue pause button, between the front and angled side.

Ok, couldn’t find it at first, but I’ll look into it in more detail!
Thanks a lot!

place a magnet around where the pause button is located you should here a click and you should be able to use it with the door open.

Where is a photo

Thank you @Michael11, it works perfectly :wink: