Door Switch to Cut Power to Laser

I had a JTech 2.8 arrive today and before I install it I want to make sure there is no way someone could accidentally come in while it it running. I’d rather throw away a board then someone’s eyes get hurt. Has anyone tried using some sort of door switch that could cut power to the laser in case someone walked in without paying attention to the sign. If so what is your set up like?


You could just wire a switch to your feed hold pin. No work ruined.

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you would take the chance of ruining your work if you cut power to the laser.

a better approach might be to enclose the laser so that it would not need any other protection.

@PhilJohnson has a laser shield that was 3D printed on his site that would keep the laser under the shield and since there is little to no Z movement while using the laser it would only need to clear your clamps (not even that if you use tape and superglue).

Look at the J-Tech driver board, it has a Safety Interlock that is designed to work how you are saying. Look at page 10 of the J-Tech driver board manual.

Thanks for the feedback all. Has me thinking if i just did Phil’s mount and make it solid that might be enough protect to get me started whenever my MK3 finally arrives.