Double Carving

Hi. I designed a profile in AutoCAD because that’s what I know. Then imported into CorelDraw, saved it as SVG then into Easel. Cleaned up a bit and combined to make one profile. Problem is that it’s cutting out profile but then starts to cut just outside again as if there are two cut lines. How do I fix that? Wish there was way for me to learn to design this in Easel to start with.


Looking at the file, as you suspect it is in fact two lines, however when I tried to edit the nodes to get rid of the second line, it revealed that you actually have two separate vectors. Not two copies of the same vector, but two separate complicated vectors. one makes up part of the handle the other is a double line that makes up another part of the handle and the bow. Select “edit node” and start deleting nodes, you will see what I mean. First thing you’ll need to do is double check your SVG… zoom in as far as you can with Corel and make sure there are no breaks in the vector or very narrow sections that Easel might interpret as separate vectors. Easel can be kinda flakey with it’s “trace” processes so it helps to inspect the vector closely before you start to carve… (saves you from making expensive firewood).

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I’d go a step further back than Robert suggests, all the way back to the AutoCAD file, where I imagine the two lines came from. There, use the OVERKILL command, which will get rid of overlapping lines within a specified tolerance.

Thanks Robert and Owen. I’ll look at it all tonight. I know when I cut from Corel Draw through my Full Spectrum laser, it only runs through one pass. If it was multiple lines, I would have thought it would run same path multiple times. Nevertheless, I’ll look through. Didn’t know about “OVERKILL” command.

May be I have to learn GCode and GRBL and Fusion 360 sooner than I had hoped.