Double check your vacuum! lol~

Hey guys,

So I was working the other day and I had weird low/high spots on my vacuum table while carving a piece of acrylic, and I just let it go and made it deeper to hit the low bits. I just got done carving up some HDPE and im trying to suck it up (same vacuum mind you) and it is sucking in a bad way. I take it outside and open it and it literally floods out. After sweeping and putting it into a bag I am amazed I did not burn it out.

So short story shorter; Make sure you check your equipment often! This is just a cheap 20 dollar shopvac but it still would have been shitty for it to go out on my in the middle of a carve.

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Save yourself a lot of cussing, man, and pick up a Dust Deputy! It’ll save you hours of filter-scraping, and make it a lot easier to see when your container is getting full. :slight_smile:


I love my dust deputy! Though it does make a lot of static electricity, probably even worse when cutting HDPE.
If I had the cash I would get the metal version and ground it. As it is, running a dust collection ground line inside the vac tube is on my too do list.

It DOES build up the static like crazy, no joke!

Prolly will end up doing that!

It’s worth every nickle, man!