Double shaft steppers HELP!

Hi Everyone,

@Zach_Kaplan Just started my assembly and notice the nema 23 steppers I was sent are double shafts, but in the instructions and the video they are single shafts. I’m not sure if I should move fwd with the build. are these correct? Help!!! :slight_smile:

Just mount them as pictured. and the extra shaft does not hinder the assembly any.
I did recieve mine with double shafts, and they are working, except for one that where bad.

Thanks @ChristianLieEikefjor, Weird though, I guess they ran out of single shafts hope the other shafts don’t catch on anything. @Zach_Kaplan if your around let us know whats up


dual shaft steppers can be great as you can add hand wheels to them so you can manually adjust the position of all axis especially Z axis when doing homing to table etc .you shouldnt find any problems with having outer facing shafts as they dont get in the way ,although i would make sure you have enough room around all sides of the machine .just in case .

@BrianSaban from a torque standpoint they are the same. We accidentally ordered some double shaft ones but it really doesn’t make a difference to the X-Carve build. If aesthetically you prefer the single shaft models we can swap them out for you. Some people do like them better because you can put a knob on them or put your fingers on the shaft to feel if it is spinning.

@Zach_Kaplan No worries, just wanted to make sure. As long as they don’t interfere I’ll be good :slight_smile: