Double-sided engraving alignment assistance

Hi folks.

First off, as a “weekend woodworking warrior” these forums have been of great help. Thanks so very much for the willingness to share.

I’ve been asked to make some tap handles and the question is “can you make them double-sided”?

Well, I’ve tried (a bit) and just can’t seem to get them to line up well enough to pass my OCD criteria.

I’m sure this isn’t just an issue for tap handles, but I was wondering if anyone had pointers on how best to align for any double-sided engraving effects?

Again, thanks so much all. I’m sure this is a rudimentary question. Thanks for your tolerance!

  • Dan

Hey Dan, just use the cnc to drill holes in both the wasteboard and the workpiece and insert dowels to align when you flip it…

This is how Winston does the part flip for this 3d CNC Elderwand Project in Fusion360, the same can be done for other double sided projects in Easel :slight_smile:

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Locator pins are a great start. Other things you need to remember are which way the workpiece flips (left to right versus bottom to top) and finally, make sure your workpiece thickness is precise.

In the case of your tap handles, they may be symmetric enough that you can flip and rerun the original tool path. Remember to zero exactly the same way for both sides. I like to use the homing switches on my CNC but you could also home off of one of the locator pin holes. I don’t recommend zeroing off of a workpiece corner for two sided machining.

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