Double-Sided Tape?

Tape seems to be what I should be using. What do you use, and, where do you get it?

This is what I use. They sell another roll, same size but $5 more. It’s supposed to be stronger, but I’ve never wanted to spend the extra money to find out how much better it might be.

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I have also used double sided carpet tape, it works well. I am not sure how the price compare to other tapes that are avaialble.

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I use this:
Holds down my aluminum plates to mill these just fine.

What type of bit do you use for the Aluminium, and what is that part for looks like an RC part maybe.

I just use the cheap carpet tape from the hardware store and it works fine.

How are all of those to get off of your material? I’ll mainly be cutting acrylic.

The carpet tape I have used is a mesh so some of the fibers can separate when removing. On wood I can buff them off easily with sandpaper on acrylic a little alcohol would do the job. I do like the price on the Scotch product and may give that a try when I need to restock.

I use a Destiny Viper 3 flute endmill for aluminum. It is a part for a 3d printer. It is an upgrade for the Rostack Max V2 from

I almost never have any issues with removing the tape I use and I use it for FR4 on PCBs and on all my aluminum milling projects. It should work just fine on Acrylic also.

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I’ve had good results using this outdoor mounting tape.

Is that 3M VHB? If so, it seems too thick.

It is equivalent to 3M VHB tape

One trick I have been using lately when using double stick tape (and spray adhesive for that matter) is putting painters take on the piece I care about and then putting the tape on top of that. This has worked quite well for router templates, etc. I get my double stick tape at the golf stores, it is used for putting grips on clubs and is plenty strong enough for my uses so far.

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I use this stuff for milling and for laser cutting things I need to be adhesive on one side:

It is very cool.


This is stuff I use comes in different stickiness, thickness and bulk and reasonably priced due to amount you get and the job you are doing.

Uline Double-Sided Foam Tape
Uline Economy - Affordably priced for general-purpose applications.
Uline Industrial - Securely bond signs and displays to a variety of surfaces.
Uline Heavy Duty - Mount heavier material such as mirrors and acoustic panels.
Uline Removable - Temporarily hang POP displays, signage and artwork

I would be worried that foam tape would give slightly under pressure, as it’s made of a thin layer of foam which can compress. Have you had any issues with that?

I stopped at Office Max/Depot to look for tape, and, picked up some of the Scotch Removable Double Sided. (667). Worked really well and removed easily. I have some permanent that I grabbed in case this didn’t hold. I’ll try that, too, and see how it comes off.

Foam tape is quite strong and works great. But its bit harder to get off.