Recently, I aquired 18 industrial sized rolls of 2-sided tape.

I got a great price so I am passing it on to my fellow Inventables members!. These rolls are 1.25" wide and are over 18 inches in diameter. The tape is strong but thin so there is tons of it !. If your Interested in buying a roll I am offering them for $22 plus shipping. This is a huge amount of tape for the money. The picture shows how I mounted the roll on the side of a shelf for easy dispensing. I expect it will last me for good!
Contact me at despaindon @ and I will supply you a paypal link with an invoice including shipping. Even with shipping you will save mega bucks over time. There are currently 8 rolls left and when they are gone, they are gone.


oops, I originally typed a bad email. Please use or Sorry for the confusion!

Don hooked me up with a roll of this tape. Thanks Don!!!
I will say this is A LOT OF TAPE!!! Good deal for the $$. I would guess a roll this size to cost no less than $100 retail. This is a thinner tape than I am used too. Much different than the traditional carpet tape that I have been using.

This roll will last me, well who knows??? I won’t have to buy DS tape for years though

UPDATE ON THE TAPE ! For anyone still interested as of this morning there are 5 rolls left. They are going quickly. When you message me. please include your address so I can include your shipping cost when I respond. Thanks Michael for the kind words and glad your liking the tape!

Quick update - 4 Rolls remain. Many have asked for the following info.

  • It will ship at best available rate in a 20" x20" x2" box at 14 pounds.
  • Shipping rates have been averaging 18-24 bucks so doing the math, its a great deal if you have use.
  • It is industrial roll, thin (which I love), and 1.25" wide. It cuts easy, holds good, removes
    easier than carpet tape with very little if any residue.
  • I don’t know the exact length but I doubt I will ever have to buy this tape again, and I use it frequently for many woodworking tasks like
    template routing, bandsaw outlines, scroll saw work, shop jigs, x carve, noisy children, and nagging wives.

Hope this help, happy carving !

Tick Tick - Down to 3 rolls unspoken for…

THE TAPE IS ALL SOLD OUT! Thanks everyone and you should be getting your orders as most have already shipped. I hope the tape works well for everyone!

This Sale is now officially closed.