Downcut Vs. Upcut bits

I am new to the CNC world, but I have a lot of woodworking skills. I am a guitar builder and in my process of building I use 1/4" spiral bits. Sometimes I use a Upcut bit and sometimes a downcut bit. Typically I use a down cut bit when I need an edge that is smooth (typical with inlays). But when I am removing material from deeper pockets I use an Upcut bit.
Typically I would choose an Upcut spiral bit when roughing and use a downcut bit for detail work.
Are there any concerns that I should be aware of while using a downcut spiral bit on a CNC?

I too am new to the cnc world. I am trying to learn all the types of bit, etc.

I’ve found that upcut bits will tend to pull up then materials, like 1/8" stock. I just cut some parts out of .118" acrylic and decided that next time I should make multiple passes to help keep it from climbing the bit on a full-depth cut.

Downcut bits have a much harder time removing the dust and shavings from the cut path, so it’s a bad idea to use them on materials like aluminum and acrylic where re-cutting the shaving will cause increased friction and melt the material to the bit.

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I learn something new everyday. So for when cutting acrylic, an upcut bit is best to use, correct?

That’s what I’ve read. I tested the straight flute and the upcut bits on the acrylic and the straight cut consistently clogged up and melted the acrylic to the bit.

that is definitely good to know, i just had my machine delivered so i am gonna see what bits came with it and if i need to buy a upcut bit, homedepot here i come