Download cam

hi how can download cam cad on easel ? thanks how i connect i boht one project from esy but i cant have it i don’t have cam cad

The results of CAM is called Gcode. You can import Gcode created by another source in Easel. Go to File/ Import Gcode. If you have CAD and can create a DXF file, there is a tool at the bottom of the toolbar to import the DXF or SVG file.

CAM = Computer Aided Machining
CAM is not a program, its the translation of design vs bit parameters to the carve = design.
The CAM output file is what is the gcode.

Unfortunately I couldnt make much sense of your question.

So it sounds like you have a file that you purchased on Etsy. Easel will accept an SVG or DXF file format. If you don’t have that format, you’ll need to convert to one of those formats.

And if you purchased a pre-packaged g-code set I would avoid that as it strikes me as a dangerous way to take in a design. If you mean you have a 3D CAD design that you wish to carve (like a STEP file), then no easel cannot import true 3D assets, you need something like V-Carve Pro to do that.