Downloadable Install Videos

As I posted in the Easel section, I may have some challenges getting internet access in my workshop.

Does the kit come with instructions on CD/DVD? If not, is there a downloadable video file for offline reference since I probably won’t have YouTube available at time of install?

Hi Alan,

The kit does not come with a CD/DVD. What you can do is open up 1 tab on your browser for each video and let the video play to the end. Then unplug the internet and walk over to the garage. You will be able to rewind all the videos and watch them without being plugged into the internet.

Hm not sure about offline video access but you can definitely print out the instructions. From the insteuctions page just go to “file -> print” and the instructions (all of the steps) will print along with the images.

Try using “YouTube Video and Audio Downloader” it is a plugin to firefox.
Save it as an MP4 or FLV file and use something like VLC media player to view off line.


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