Downloaded Patterns (Electronic File)

I was wondering if you could do a three D carve off of a Electronic File from somewhere you got it from and does anyone know how to do this?


you’ll have to be way more specific with what you are trying to do.

are you talking about STL files or are you trying to carve a PCB?

Short answer is more or less “Yes”

In order to be able to reply with something constructive you need to give us a lot more input.

What do you have?
What do you want to achieve?
Will you spend time getting there?

Robert I am new to all of this kind of stuff and I am not sure exactly what a STL or a PCB file is yet but I am trying to get a handle on it. I recently purchased a X-Carve 10000 x 10000 to help me do woodworking in my shop as the old hands and body isn’t what it use to be. Thanks for the reply

Thanks Robert for giving me the information on the search function. I am new and didn’t know one existed for this kind of information. Next time I will check there first to see if I come across what I am wanting to know.
Thanks for the reply

HaldorLonningday thanks for the answer and replying to my question. Now with that out of the way what I have is an X-Carve 1000 x1000 machine I recently purchased and put together. I have made two signs with it and wanted to try something else like doing some 3D carving or some 2D stuff. As far as spending time getting there I have the desire to learn different steps in woodworking to make my hobby or relaxation and stress less. I have been doing woodworking for around 27 years now and the old hands and body aren’t what they use to be. Looking for steps to get me started in the right direction.
Thanks for the reply

I think if you gave a more specific example of what you’d like to do, you’d receive a better direction. If you don’t know the terminology, a picture or link would help.

Welcome @LarryBrauer. There is a TON of things you can accomplish with the X-Carve. Even with the growing additions to Easel , The free program that come it’s the unit. It is still very limited. What you are asking is all achieved with the use of different software. As @PhilJohnson said v-carve is a great place to get started on your learning adventure. Welcome to the crew and happy carving.

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Excellent, then we have a baseline :slight_smile:

The Xcarve is a 3D machine running on GRBL (CNC communication platform)
It will take any movement in X/Y/Z and run that, this would be a gcode-file.

In order to prepare the gcode-file there are a million ways to skin that cat, depening on software/skill/preferences etc.

Easel generate gcode and is basic (and easy!) in function. It is limited to 2D carving (height is achieved by layering / stacking X/Y layers to get 3D.)

Other software like Meshcam, Vcarve, Aspire, Fusion360 (and others) can make gcode that can run the Xcarve in X/Y/Z motion continously, which is called 3D carving.

Some videos found here:

STL/OBJ is a file type, often used for 3D modelling and there are tons of such files to be found/purchased. (3D printing use these alot)
Search for ideas.
(PCB is circuitboard by the way)

The origin of your file, what you want to do with it determine what workflow work best. I would suggest find something you want to try and search/ask specifically for that. This forum will happily provide training wheels if you dont mind putting in the effort. :slight_smile: