Downloads to g-code

how to convert downloads to g-code

In easel you can import .svg, .dxf, and most standard image formats using the import tool at ths bottom of the column of buttons.

What file type have you downloaded?

I tried to upload a SVG file and when that didn’t work I then downloaded Filestar to convert SVG to G code but neither worked.

Can you upload the svg here? (OR send it to me as a DM if you prefer)
You’ll need to import the SVG or determine why it will not upload and correct that issue. (which I might be able to assist with)

Converting from SVG to Gcode doesn’t actually result in a proper Gcode file.

A Gcode file is created based on the specifications of a design along with cut settings (Feed, Plunge Rate, Depth Per Pass, Total Depth, while taking into account the geometry of the bit and the design characteristics) and an algorithm to interpret that into a text file that will command the cnc how to get from place to place and where exactly to go in 3 dimensions.
A SVG is a 2D graphics design, like an image to keep it simple enough.
A basic file extension change like Filestar does will not result in a useable Gcode file.

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