Drag and Depth Issues

Having issues with the X Carve. My carvings start out good but some where during the carve I start getting drags with the bit where it ruins the carve. I have posted some pictures of settings. I’ll take any suggestions. I’m also having depth issues. I leveled the again, it’s in the garage which does have a slit slope.


Machine being level isnt really relevant, it will carve just fine upside down.

What matters is the the spoil board / waste board is level relative to the Z-axis.
But it shouldnt drag the bit as shown in the example you provided, so I assume you used the Z-zero block to set your height?

If you did, try another carve but set Z-zero manually just on top of your material.

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It appears that it carved to the K OK then started having issues on the remaining letters and its return

Were and how did you set your Z zero point?

Measure from the bottom of the gantry to your spoil board on the left side and right side of the spoil board and the left side and the right side of your project. IF these measurements are different that is your problem. If they are not is everything snug on your machine? grab your router and trying lifting it, does it move? does it wiggle at all in any direction?

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Yeah that is absolutely an option, Z failed to retracts on occation causing a drop-down.